Leitner Fine Art offers a wide range of art consulting services to meet the needs of both residential and corporate clients.  Whether you are seeking to purchase one spectacular piece of art or expand or refocus your collection, Leitner Fine Art provides expertise, guidance and support. We source directly from local and international artists, as well as private collections, galleries and auctions.   Our art industry experience allows us to locate the most desirable artwork and negotiate the most advantageous terms.

Leitner Fine Art provides the following advisory services:

  • Acquisition and Deaccession
  • Negotiation of terms of purchase for private treatise and public sales
  • Obtain authentication of works
  • Research and locate specific collector requests
  • Valuation and assessment of potential purchases
  • Arrangement of commissioned works
  • Transportation, delivery and installation of artwork
  • Assessment of existing collections
  • Trend analysis and market performance


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
~ Thomas Merton

Considerations when buying art:

  • What are your objectives and goals?
  • Are you buying for pleasure or for an investment opportunity?
  • Do you expect the artwork to maintain or increase in value?
  • If you don’t love it or can’t afford it, you probably should not buy it!
  • Corporate art collectors need to make sure their employees are comfortable with the collection.  Art should bring energy and joy to the workplace.